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Part 3 - for Advanced


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Every enthusiastic skier dreams of learning how to turn with his skis parallel and gradually progress to the short turns and, of course, to the newest and most contemporary way of skiing – the carving. The part in question of the self-teacher contains exactly this. It is appropriate for the advanced skier who would like to perfect himself and to achieve a master level in skiing, as well as for the skier, who can already down run his skis on the medium advanced ski runs, but would like to learn something new.
The purpose of this material is to aid in the perfection of skiers and to continue their development beyond the medium advanced level. It is also appropriate for advanced skiers, who still experience difficulties and don’t perform the techniques correctly for that level. The elements of this part will bring higher interest and contribute for the self-assessment of the skiers, providing them with the required skills so they can develop further in this master level of skiing.

1.Turn with parallel skis

2.Short turns


4.Dynamic skiing


"Ever since I was little, I ski – for over 20 years now. Last year I was in France to ski and wanted to better my ski technique. I took a few individual lessons with a ski instructor, but overall somehow things didn’t work out and I didn’t understand what I was doing wrong. I purchased your video ski lessons and comprehended things, which no ski instructor would be able to explain to me. Very fast and easily I began to make carving turns by watching my mobile phone and to remind myself at the ski run. I will send you my video material to you so that you can make me an analysis.
Video analysis